Why Is the Expectation of a Consumer Important in Marketing?

Small businesses often spend time and effort developing marketing strategies for reaching consumers. These marketing strategies attempt to inform consumers about various attributes of a company’s products, but they may also be affected by the target market, or demographic groups at which the marketing is aimed. An important part of a marketing strategy is meeting consumer expectations.


Consumer expectation generally refers to the needs and wants of individuals in the economic marketplace. Such expectations are usually driven by people’s preconceived ideas regarding goods or services. These ideas drive consumers to purchase one item over another or avoid companies with which they’ve had a previous bad experience. Consumers may also have high expectations for new products that have been given a lot of exposure through professional reviews or other media commentary.

Purchase Decisions

Marketing strategies often focus on consumer expectations in order to influence the purchase decisions made by consumers. Consumers can be broken down into three groups: those who are expected to buy, those who are not expected to buy, and those who are undecided about making a purchase. Businesses often focus on the latter two groups in order to persuade them to purchase their products.

Dispel Rumors

Negative consumer expectations are an important focus for marketing strategies, because companies may need to dispel rumors or bad impressions about their goods or services. These may be spread by competitors or individuals who have had a previous poor experience with the company. Since such rumors can lower consumer expectations, marketing strategies must address them and focus on correcting consumer expectations regarding a company’s products.

Promote Customer Service

Companies may use marketing strategies to promote their customer service and how it will meet consumer expectations. While consumers may feel wary about purchasing a product from a company, marketing strategies focusing on customer service techniques such as efficiency, reliability and competence may help soothe this uneasiness. Consumers may also have naturally high expectations regarding customer service, and companies can try to meet this expectation by touting their strong customer service department.

Expert Insight

A professional marketing or advertising agency can help companies understand current consumer expectations and tailor advertisements accordingly. Professional advertising agencies may also provide specific resources relating to target markets or demographic groups and the expectations each group has toward specific goods or services. These resource can save companies valuable time when developing new marketing strategies and promoting products.

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